5 Tips for a Successful Interview

It’s safe to say that in my career as an Executive Assistant, I have conducted my fair share of interviews in the past in many different industries. Throughout all of these meetings, I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the very, very ugly.

I like to keep things positive and believe with every interview even the negative ones, you can leave knowing you have always learnt something new every time.

I would like to share five things that I have learnt in my past experience that are key to success, and some tips on how to really wow the client.



Present Yourself Well

I am old fashioned when it comes too how you present yourself during interviews. It does not matter if the interview you are attending is for the latest company with a laid back approach rocking hoodies and jeans every day – the vast majority of interviewers want to know that you’re taking the meeting seriously, so dress to impress!

Always come prepared, give a firm handshake and look your interviewer in the eye when speaking.

This article written by By Ari Zoldan CEO, Quantum Media Group is one my favourites on the psychology behind Dressing for success

Make Small Talk

When you are being interviewed they want you to be prepared to answer questions like, ‘tell me about yourself” and “Why are you looking for a new job?” But they also want to know that you’re someone who they would enjoy working with each day. While you shouldn’t let the interview go too far off course, make sure to small talk to show that you can be social and are an overall interesting person.

After all, whether or not the interviewer wants to talk to you every day can be the deciding factor as to whether you get the job.

Sell What You Can Offer

Too many times in the past, when I’ve been asked by the interviewer why am I interested in the job and company, I have answered, “I think this is a great learning opportunity for me” or “I could learn a lot”.

So, I’m still wondering: How exactly would these benefit the organisation?

Answer: They won’t. An interviewer can easily articulate the value you would bring to the company—not what you would take away from the job.

Do Your Industry Homework

Basic pre – interview prep includes researching the company’s history, mission statement, product offerings, and so on. But a successful candidate will also research the industry at large. What macro trends are impacting the company? Who are its biggest competitors, and what are they doing differently? Being able to confidently speak about such topics in this space will show your genuine interest and fit within the company.

Send a Thank You Note (Really)

This might seem obvious, but you wouldn’t believe how many people still don’t do it. And this tiny note can actually stand between you and your dream job.

Make sure you send it….

By Chantel George

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