The Client with Multiple Hats

Quite often, prospective clients like the idea of having a Virtual Assistant on their team, but they can’t quite figure out exactly what tasks could be assigned or how it’d help. This case study helps explain more about one particular type of client:

The Type of Client…

This is the type of successful business person who has multiple revenue streams through various businesses, and is regularly pulled in far too many directions as a result. These clients are big picture thinkers and they need to know that the team they choose to build around them is a solid and reliable one. Their time is massively in demand, so they immediately recognise the value in outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant.

Types of tasks a VA can help with

Business tasks – as a PA/Office Manager

  • This client always has a jam-packed diary – meetings with potential clients, agencies, employees, marketing, senior management, and all of the associated travel. By delegating the diary management, all they ever have to know is where they need to be and when. I will always factor in travel time and add a little diary wiggle room in case meetings run over.
  • These clients also travel frequently and don’t want to faff around working out the most time-efficient route. Therefore, I work with them to establish their travel preferences (timings, class, seating, meals, baggage, etc) which I keep on file for future reference for next time, and I go away and do my research. I then succinctly present them with the options that meet their criteria, and I then book on their behalf or they go away and make the purchase themselves.
  • instance, the client also wanted me to attend the face-to-face interviews so that I could take notes while they focused solely on asking the questions.
  • But my clients say they gain the most value when we speak over the phone or meet in person as they have the opportunity to have me as their sounding board. Because I am an integrated part of their business, I understand their goals and vision, and therefore I can support them every step of the way by providing valuable and yet impartial advice.

Personal tasks – as a Private PA

  • Researching holidays – from family breaks to something for a special occasion, this often involves flights, hotels, and activities.
  • Advertising, telephone interviewing and reference checking household help such as chefs, cleaners and dog walkers.
  • Dealing with property on behalf of the client for selling & purchasing of a house
  • Securing table reservations and noting dietary and dining preferences in line with requirements.

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Chantel George


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